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  • Beyond Existence
    Wherever life takes me No matter where I roam As long as you’re in my heart It will always feel like home I pray that you’re real And this isn’t just a dream You brought me From the darkness And a world of silent screams You brought me to the light Like a calm gentleContinue reading “Beyond Existence”
  • Rise
    When tyrants conspire We emerge from shadows To expose the liars Put them to the sword Like a trial by fire Face justice in the halls Below the spire You start the war We bring the fight You hide in darkness We conquer with light Starting an incursion Was the wrong decision For we hitContinue reading “Rise”
  • Come Home
    Hey little soldier I’ve watched you roam And now it’s time To bring you home This road you’ve walked Long and tough At times for you It’s been too much I know you’re strong You’ve nothing to prove For heaven and earth We will move It’s time to rest Your time has come Come homeContinue reading “Come Home”
  • My Podcast – The Wolves Den
    Hello everybody I hope you’re all well I just wanted to share a link with you its to my podcast on Spotify. Now let’s be clear I’m an enthusiastic amateur when it comes to podcasting not a pro but I do speak from the heart and my podcasts aren’t long (10-15 minutes generally) so IContinue reading “My Podcast – The Wolves Den”
  • Valley Of Tears
    Alone with my fears The river is full In the valley of tears In this place It never runs dry Through pain and sorrow The tears we cry I want to smile But can only frown In the valley of tears I slowly drown By Robbie Gray ©️ 2022
  • Face Your Fears
    Fear doesn’t care Or discriminate It lives within And thrives on hate It doesn’t care About your faith Your beliefs Or your race Try to outrun it For it moves with haste Everything before it It lays to waste When you look In the mirror It’s in your face So face your fears It’s notContinue reading “Face Your Fears”
  • Tears Of Angels
    Each time it rains I wonder why What did we do To make angels cry Thunder and lightning In the distant sky That’s anger and sadness From deep inside As tears roll down The angels eyes What can we do What did we say To make the angels Fly away By Robbie Gray © 2022
  • Faded Memories
    My mind is fading And my memories few But I’ll save the best For all of you My thoughts at times Like shattered glass Fragmented memories Fading into the past I just want to remember It gets harder each day Memories once remembered Slowly fade away By Robbie Gray © 2022
  • At The Heart Of It
    Imagine looking Into the sky As each star Slowly dies Where once they shone All so bright Now each one A dying light Look into the night Each star is a soul At the galaxy’s heart There is a hole So live your life Without fear and doubt So the star within you Will neverContinue reading “At The Heart Of It”
  • The Rose
    I’ve fought my battles I carry the scars My war is over I’ve come so far These battles I fought Between dark and light At times so hard To stay in the fight Amongst the chaos And all the noise Alone it sat So full of poise The strongest of winds In the wasteland thatContinue reading “The Rose”